Wysips® Crystal to be Tested in KYOCERA Smartphones

KYOCERA Corporation, a Japanese international mobile handset maker, and SUNPARTNER signed a close partnership agreement to test the Wysips® Crystal technology.

The assessment the ground-breaking Wysips® Crystal technology both in marketing and technical terms was first done in Japan by KYOCERA.

KYOCERA will assist SUNPARTNER to advance its technologies with their knowledge based on a massive and varied Group and to launch the companies’ place on mobile handset markets from Japan to USA, because they are a prominent Japanese mobile handset manufacturer.

SUNPARTNER will be able to adjust the mechanical characteristics of the photovoltaic component to the numerous markets that the Japanese group target by Incorporating Wysips® Crystal within KYOCERA’s phones.

“We are exceedingly pleased to partner with Kyocera as we view Japanese industrials as major tactical partners for Sunpartner with extraordinary technical know-how. As a matter of fact our goal is to open an application lab in Japan next year to be in close proximity to our customers. We are grateful to Kyocera for their faith and we want this partnership to produce many products and technical synergies.” Ludovic Deblois says.


Sunpartner Technologies is an engineering company dedicated to Solar NETs established in 2008. They create renewable, self-regulating energy solutions that are incorporated into smart surfaces and are transparent.

Specifically, the see-through PV technology Wysips®, which converts any surface into a solar panel that can produce its own energy from light was developed by them. They are no strangers to awards both for its inventions, like Nobel Sustainability® Clean Tech Company award in 2013 and the Technology Pioneer 2014 from the World Economic Forum.