Wysips® Crystal to be Tested in KYOCERA Smartphones

A close partnership agreement has been signed between KYOCERA Corporation, a Japanese multinational mobile handset manufacturer, and SUNPARTNER to test the Wysips® Crystal technology.

KYOCERA is the first Japanese company to evaluate the revolutionary Wysips® Crystal technology both in technical and marketing terms.

Being a leading Japanese mobile handset manufacturer, KYOCERA will help SUNPARTNER to improve its technologies with their expertise based on a huge and diversified Group and to establish the companies’ positions on mobile handset marketplaces from USA to Japan.

Integrating Wysips® Crystal within KYOCERA’s phones will enable SUNPARTNER to adapt the technical characteristics of the photovoltaic component to the various markets targeted by the Japanese group.

“We are very delighted to partner with Kyocera as we consider Japanese industrials as key strategic partners for Sunpartner with very high technological expertise. In fact we plan to open an application lab in Japan next year in order to be closer to our customer. We thank Kyocera for their confidence and we hope that this partnership will generate numerous products and technical synergies.” says Ludovic Deblois, President and Co-founder of Sunpartner Technologies.


Founded in 2008, Sunpartner Technologies is an engineering company specialized in Solar NETs (New Energy Technologies). They develop renewable, independent energy solutions that are integrated into smart surfaces and are invisible.

In particular, the company invented the transparent PV technology Wysips®, which transforms any surface into a solar panel that can generate its own electricity from light. Sunpartner Technologies has regularly received awards both for its innovation and from the business community, such as the Nobel Sustainability® Clean Tech Company award in 2013 and Technology Pioneer 2014 from the World Economic Forum