Sunpartner and 3M: Delivering the First Transparent Solar Charging System for Consumer Electronics

A contract has been signed by 3M Company and Sunpartner Technologies, so they can create a see-through solar charging system for the electronics market, using Optically Clear Adhesive technologies and Wysips® Crystal.

A translucent and slim component is being manufactured by the two companies, which will power devices even while open to light. This revolutionary advancement is a major benefit to users, who can now power devices without chargers.

This state-of-the-art development in consumer electronics power management is achieved by merging Sunpartner’s Wysips® Crystal with 3M’s Optically Clear Adhesives.

Always Connected and Always Charged

Any exterior can be converted into a solar panel that produces its own power from light with Wysips®. The photovoltaic cells start up from the instant they are subjected to light, whether artificial or natural.

The battery is then charged by these cells, transforming the everyday lives of users with electronics that are continuously connected and always powered.

Wysips® and OCA: A Sustainable and Necessary Revolution

The purchase decision of consumers for electrical devices is largely determined by the option for longer battery life. The hi-tech phones have many features that quickly drain energy, such as gaming, apps, books, movies, email and web. These features are known to rapidly deplete battery power.

By constantly using light to charge your device, you can gain the benefit of having it work all the time and from anywhere. A workable and indispensible answer to the energy management needs of businesses and consumers was found, because of the mixture of 3M’s optical adhesives and Sunpartner’s Wysips® Crystal technology.

3M Optically Clear Adhesives (OCA) are commonly used in electronic devices and established on core 3M adhesive technology. Their meticulous engineering process removes usual adhesive shortcomings like bubbling that takes place with standard films. This can change the display and reduce user approval.

Because of their exceptional ability to tailor the adhesive’s output and practicality, 3M OCA accurately meets the precise specifications for all kinds of screens.

Technological and Commercial Synergy

Cooperative culture and bench-to-bench approach are among 3M’s strong points. In addition, their electronics materials proficiency, and placement with significant leaders in the customer electronics industry, makes them a powerful partner.

They deliver a sustainable, concrete, and inventive solution to challenging needs of the industry because their strengths usefully balance Sunpartner’s developing technologies.

Leadership and Global Support

“The solid co-operation with 3M is important: our relationship attempts to help our customers in the electronics markets,” Ludovic Deblois said. We will advance innovative resolutions quickly because of their influence with top-notch device engineers, as well as our know-how. We can assure our clients premium support for many applications.”

Improving Everyday Life and Business

3M will remain at the forefront of next-generation adhesives due to their continuing dedication to provide and meet consumers’ needs for sustainable and better solutions.

Models for three global leaders in mobile telephony were previously engineered by Sunpartner Technologies. They have made plans to conclude two new contracts in the future.