Making Connected Devices Smarter Than Ever

Envision a casing that directs alerts to you, in the eventuality of carbon monoxide or air pollution, of an allergen in the immediate vicinity, or too much sun exposure.

Wysips® Graphics creates smart covers which are cases for tablets, e-readers, and smartphones which deliver energy and increases the amount of features you can use.

Currently, the covers safeguard and differentiate mobile devices. But covers have developed into smart energy companions for e-readers and phones, with Wysips® Graphics. Smart covers can produce an unlimited and free supply of power, As a result of our invisible photovoltaic component.

Due to the fact that you no longer require a recharge outlet, this energy improves the device’s autonomy for greater independence, putting an end to dead devices. New apps and features can be further added to the smart cover (Wysips® Smartpower, trackers, Wysips® Connect, sensors), with this supplemental power, lengthening the usable apps that can be used by e-readers and smartphones.

The future of smart covers is Wysips® Graphics, because it’s seamlessly incorporated into your visual setting. It’s totally energy-independent thanks to Wysips® technology.

Wysips® Graphics Technology

The smart energy companion for connected devices and accessories is Wysips® Graphics. It merges an optical method, graphics imaging, and PV technology, allowing opaque surfaces to generate power in the instant they are subjected to light. Wysips® Graphics is compatible with all design styles and is invisibly incorporated into the object’s external texture. It’s works with LiFi as well.