Making Connected Devices Smarter Than Ever

Imagine a protective casing that send you alerts in case of air pollution or carbon monoxide, of overexposure to the sun, of an allergen in the nearby environment.

Wysips® Graphics invents smart covers: casings for smartphones, tablets, and e-readers that provide energy and increase the number of features possible.

Today, covers protect and personalize mobile devices. But with Wysips® Graphics, covers now become smart energy partners for phones and e-readers. Thanks to our invisible photovoltaic component, smart covers can generate a free and inexhaustible power supply.

This energy increases the device’s independence because you no longer need an outlet to recharge: no more dead batteries, so much more freedom! With this extra energy supply, new features and apps can be added to the smart cover (sensors, trackers, Wysips® Connect, Wysips® Smartpower), extending the feature set of smartphones and e-readers.

Completely energy-independent thanks to Wysips® technology, visually integrated into your aesthetic environment, and always with you, Wysips® Graphics, is the future of
smart covers.

Wysips® Graphics Technology

Wysips® Graphics is the smart energy partner for connected devices and accessories. Combining an optical process, graphics imaging, and PV technology, it enables opaque surfaces to produce energy from the moment they are exposed to natural or artificial light. Invisibly integrated into the object’s surface texture, Wysips® Graphics works with all design styles. It is also LiFi compatible.