Smart Surfaces

Light-Fidelity (LiFi) or Visible Light Communication (VLC)
is a innovative communication technology that transfers info through visible light waves.

How Does it Work?

Smart Surface

Firstly, a driver transforms the visible light waves that were created by LEDs into electronic signals. It then directs them to a photo detector. The signal is then interpreted into a video, text, or audio file on a device.

LiFi’s Many Advantages

  • Astounding speed of communication, comparable to fiber optic cables
  • Data communication that is secure
  • Health: No electromagnetic waves
  • No license required and no radio spectrum congestion: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are often jammed in public places, whereas LiFi utilises bandwidths that are easily accessible
  • Economical and Ecological: LiFi is compatible with the current lighting network


  • Electromagnetic sensitive places: LiFi offers secure internet in public spaces.
  • SmartCities: through the public lighting system
  • Location Based Services (LBS): LiFi aids and notifies you in airports, shopping centers, parking lots etc.
  • Shopping 2.0: additionally i-beacon and WiFi, LiFi apprises you of the latest sales and provides you with information on products.

Using a Wysips® component as LiFi receiver rather than a photodiode has many advantages:

> Wysips® is slim and see-through, so it’s effortlessly incorporated.
> Wysips® simply collects the light.
> Wysips® accepts data despite powerful sunshine.
> Wysips® LiFi essentially fuels itself. Charging the device and collecting info.

The Wysips® component collect information at a rate of several Mbit/s—so that videos can be communicated through VLC and our tests demonstrate that!