Mobile Devices

Your connected devices can now harness free and continuous solar energy thanks to Wysips® Crystal, Wysips® Reflective, and Wysips® Graphics technologies.

With the added power of Wysips®, mobile devices can easily integrate new features to enhance user experience.

Advantages of a Wysips® Mobile Device

Battery life

Most of our everyday devices are connected to the internet and transmit information. But these advances become problems when users have to depend on chargers and recharge devices too often.

Sunpartner’s technologies help solve this problem by prolonging battery life. For example, our transparent Wysips® components extend the battery life of smart watches, making it equivalent to regular watches, all while preserving aesthetics.

Guaranteed Operation and Peace of Mind

Smartphones have revolutionized our everyday life: beyond simply calling, these devices are now a means of payment, a boarding pass, a reminder, a map, and reassurance that we can no longer live without.

Wysips® technology gives your smartphone a reserve of additional power so that wherever you are, your phone will never run out of battery again—if your battery is low, just place the phone or its cover in the sun and recharge it.

Integrated Connectivity

Wysips® opens up a world of possibilities for new connected devices. As the Internet of Things is growing rapidly, Sunpartner generates energy right where you need it in everyday life, while preserving the design of your devices. Solar energy has never been so beautiful.

Wysips Crystal

Ultra-thin and transparent, combining photovoltaic material with an optical system designed for emissive screens

Wysips® Crystal is ultra-thin and transparent, combining photovoltaic material with an optical system designed for emissive screens, ideal for smart phones and smart watches.

This technology fits right next to the screen during the manufacturing process and comes in rectangular, round and square formats.

Thanks to its transparency and thinness, Wysips® Crystal preserves visual quality and does not affect screen operation—it even increases the viewing angle on some models.

Wysips Graphics

Aesthetic and embedded solar modules to power connected objects

Wysips® Graphics masks solar cells and integrates them into your everyday electronics.

By combining printed microlenses array with specific PV components, Sunpartner brings solar energy into your life—and wherever you go.

Wysips® Graphics adapts to any design, can be printed with logos, and even play with optical effects.
This technology is ideal for phone and e-reader covers, accessories of all kinds, chargers for connected devices, and any opaque surface.

WYSIPS Reflect

Adapted to any kind of reflective screens (LCD in watches, electronic shelf tags, sensors)

Like Wysips® Crystal, Wysips® Reflect offers thinness and transparency while expanding the range of consumer applications that can benefit from our technology.

Wysips® Reflect can be integrated into any kind of reflective screen (LCD in watches, electronic shelf tags, sensors). It can also be embedded in a multitude of objects without a screen: analog watches (on the watch background or with the glass), rear casings of phones, trackers, and more.

Wysips® Reflect modules are adapted to the shape and size of your devices. The degree of transparency varies according to device characteristics.