Mobile Devices

With Wysips® Crystal, Wysips® Reflective, and Wysips® Graphics technologies, your connected devices can now control uninterrupted and free solar energy.

Mobile devices can simply incorporate new features to improve experience of its users, thanks to the extra energy of Wysips®,.

Benefits of a Wysips® Mobile Device

Battery life

The majority of our daily devices connect to the internet and transfer data. However, these modern developments are a problem when users must rely on chargers and recharge devices too often.

Sunpartner’s technologies assist with solving this issue by lengthening battery life.

Our transparent Wysips® components prolong the battery life of smart watches resulting in it being similar to regular watches, all while maintaining the look.

Guaranteed Operation and Peace of Mind

Smartphones have transformed our daily lives: they go further than merely calling; these devices are currently methods of payment, alarm reminders, a boarding passes, maps, and the comfort on which we rely.

Wysips® technology provides your smartphone a backup of supplementary power so that despite where you are, your device will never be depleted of battery again—when your battery is low, just expose the device or its cover to the sun and it is recharged.

Integrated Connectivity

Wysips® creates a multitude of opportunities for new connected devices. As the Internet of Things is swiftly growing, Sunpartner produces energy right where you require it in everyday life, while maintaining the aesthetic of your devices. Never before has solar energy been so beautiful.

Wysips Crystal

Perfect for smart watches and smart phones, Wysips® Crystal is transparent and ultra-thin, merging photovoltaic material and engineered for emissive screens.

It comes in formats of different shapes and this technology fits perfectly next to the screen throughout the process of manufacture.

Wysips® Crystal maintains visual quality and does not disturb the operation of the screen because of its clearness and slimness; it can even improve the viewing angle.

Wysips Graphics

Implanted and visually beautiful solar modules to provide energy for connected objects

Wysips® Graphics disguises solar cells and incorporates them into your average electronics.

Sunpartner takes solar energy into your life and anywhere you go, through its combination of a printed microlenses collection, with certain PV components.

It’s perfect for chargers, connected devices, accessories of all types, and any opaque surface.

Wysips® Graphics adjusts to any design, plays with optical effects, and may even be printed with logos.

WYSIPS Reflect

Modified to all types of screens (electrical shelf tags, LCD in watches, sensors)

Like Wysips® Crystal, Wysips® Reflect increases the variety of user applications that may improve from our expertise while providing ultra-thin transparency.

Wysips® Reflect may be incorporated into any type of reflective. It may also be implanted in a host of devices that don’t have screens such as, trackers, rear casings of phones, analog watches, and more.

Wysips® Reflect modules are adjusted to the size and shape of your devices. The amount of transparency depends on the characteristics of the device.