Sunpartner Technologies Increases Performance In Its LiFi Receiver (Wysips® Connect)

In an effort to meet the Needs of its Partner ALCATEL ONETOUCH, Sunpartner Technologies Increases Performance in its LiFi Receiver, Wysips® Connect,

Sunpartner Technologies, revealed Wysips® Connect, the world’s first photovoltaic LiFi receiver, last year at Mobile World Congress 2014. With the help of CEA-Leti, a French public research institute, they are engineering this revolutionary technology.

A 12-month, global expansion will commence in the first part of 2015 with ALCATEL ONETOUCH, known to be one of the fastest smartphone brands. This will further enhance the receiver’s capacity. This mutual undertaking demonstrates that front-runners in research and in business are sold on Wysips® Connect’s advantages.

At the moment, the only LiFi technology in operation that gives the ability to screens and mobile devices to power batteries and receive information with VLC and without the need to tap into the device’s battery is Wysips® Connect. This means that the LiFi connection charges itself.

Wysips® Connect: Game-changing Photovoltaic LiFi

One of the leading smartphone producers, ALCATEL ONETOUCH, has been interested in LiFi in recent time. The first and only company to date that has had success in creating a photovoltaic receiver with the ability to receive all kinds of LiFi signals, is actually Sunpartner.  

Transforming the visible light waves created by LEDs into electronic signals would not be possible without his receiver. This signal is then translated into a text, audio or video file on connected devices like mobile phones etc.

This photovoltaic component is super-thin, translucent and is completely unique. In the course of manufacture it’s incorporated between the screen and the touchscreen layer of the device.

A Promising International Research Program

Sunpartner Technologies will be able to provide innovative video playback features from mobile devices through LiFi, because of a combined research program with ALCATEL ONETOUCH lasting one year.

The initial stage will make proper use of the know-how and services of CEA-Leti, which concentrates on nano- and micro-technologies for wireless communication systems and components. This is in order to distinguish the Wysips® Connect component and improve its speed of communication.

The objective is to give consumers the ability to stream high-definition playback of all video with LiFi. ALCATEL ONETOUCH are known to carefully consider end users’ experience and promises to bring the best technology to the wider market and this device aspect is of special interest to them.

Sunpartner Technologies situates itself at the head of creating the LiFi Internet. LiFi networks will make space in companies’ congested Wi-Fi networks, in 2 to 3 years and it will be implemented in sensitive sites like nuclear power plants, because of this innovative program.