10 Best Solar Fence Chargers (2021) – Solar Electric Fence Charger

If you have a large property, it may be difficult to protect the entire perimeter yourself. Your problem can be solved by securing your property with the best solar fence charger, so that you can reduce the worry and hassle of keeping your possessions safe.

Solar electric fence chargers can safeguard your pets and livestock and some of them have a long range, which cover miles. It all depends on the charger model you may choose.

These solar fencers are powered by the sun, which means that there is no need for electricity, and pricey power bills.

If you need to regulate the movement of domestic animals or cattle, then you would require an electric fence which generates a reduced shock voltage, if they come into contact with it.

In so doing, they would get a small jolt but won’t be harmed for the most part. You may also wish to keep wild animals or even people out of your property and the fence would prove useful.

There’s a lot to consider, such as the installation, range coverage, wiring and so much more. We’ve compiled a list of the best solar electric fence chargers in 2021, to help you decide.

10 Best Solar Fence Chargers (2021)

1. Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Fence Charger

Best Solar Fence Charger (Editor's Choice)

Without a doubt, if you want the best solar-powered electric fence charger, you want the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak. It’s low impedance which means that it has an effective resistance to alternating current and features a special built-in performance meter, so you can be updated on exactly how it’s doing.


It’s packed with amazing features making it the best pick in the grouping of solar fence chargers.

For a long time, Parmak has maintained a reputation as a trustworthy brand that consistently provides superior solar electric fence chargers. They are known by owners of poultry and livestock who wish to keep their animals contained and deter pests.

This is even more important for those property owners who live in remote places with no AC power. It can work through wet brush and weeds to protect livestock.

You will appreciate its easy installation and its ability to charge up to 25 miles of fence. It’s ideal for small to medium size pastures with 1.4 joules; this fencer is reliant on the sun and is battery operated

Made of durable materials, it is also, perfect for any outdoor use. This is definitely the choice to make if you want a fence charger that can protect your livestock and would last a long time.

Because it operates great in secluded places where you need to contain animals and also keep pests away, you can benefit from its max power, low impedance and powerful 25-mile range.

  • Operates with Battery  
  • Portable and easy installation
  • Low impedance and max power
  • Wide 25-mile range
  • Great for livestock control
  • Couldn’t find any

2. Zareba ESP5M-Z 5 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Budget Friendly

The Zareba 5 Mile Solar Low Impedance Fence Charger powers your fence in any location. It can run for 2 weeks without one ray of sunlight because it gets power from an internal rechargeable battery.


It has an output of 0.15 joules, so it can be used for short-haired animals, like pigs, cattle and horses. It powers a maximum of 5 miles of fencing. But if there is material along the fence line, the energizer must work harder to pass voltage through.

The charger can rotate 360 degrees on T-posts to follow the sun’s direction at all times. It has a durable case that safeguards the energizer and it’s ideal for remote locations. For an added benefit, the ESP5M-Z has an easy-grip screw-on terminal knobs so you can easily install your live fence wire and ground-rods.

It’s easy to check your fence status by looking at the 'Fence OK' light on the terminal. Your fence is up and running if the light is active. So you can do daily spot checks to secure your property because it shows when solar power is running from the battery’s internal storage.

  • Versatile applications  
  • Easy to set up on wall and fence
  • Durable battery
  • Operates 2 weeks without sun
  • Patented 360° rotation
  • Limited mile range

3. Parmak Magnum Solar Fence Charger

High Performance

The revolutionary Parmak Magnum Solar-Pak 12 is low Impedance and its superior charging power gets rid of battery recharging, so you can save money and time. The fencer is charged by the solar power in the daylight hours and at night, a sealed 12-volt rechargeable battery (included) gives power.


The fully upgraded solar panel uses solar power for increased shock power and lengthier life. This means that you save a lot of money on operating costs. It has the benefit of power line convenience and low impedance for supreme power.

It’s ideal for enclosing the animals and inhibiting any prey from entering the fence. Because of its long mile range, the Parmak fence charger is also more potent than other items, spanning a whopping 30 miles with a powerful of 3.1+ joules. If you own a large property, it will do a great job to cover a large area.

It is made from sturdy, waterproof materials, so it’s great for outdoor use.

It also has the benefit of being easy to install and portable so you simply set it up by your fence or move it around with ease.

If you have a large piece of land in a remote location, this fence charger might be just what you need to suit your needs. With its easy installation, long mile range, powerful output and durability, there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose this fencer.

  • More powerful than others are 
  • Low impedance
  • Higher range up to 30 miles
  • Long lifespan
  • Maximum power
  • Can’t work for very long without sun

4. Gallagher S40 Solar Electric Fence Charger

Ideal for remote areas with inconsistent supply of power, the S40 Electric Fence Charger is definitely worth note. It can power a 25-mile single wire fence perimeter or 5 miles of multi-line perimeter fence and to secure roughly 50 acres of land.


It has various modes so you can program it to pulse quickly night and day. Perhaps its most impressive feature is that it’s portable and strong, but also gives easy installation.

It comes with a built-in solar panel and 6V battery which makes it perfect for keeping animals inside the fence and pests out. But it has an added benefit of maintaining power to your fence for up to 3 weeks without solar energy, because of its exceptional battery saving technology.

The S40 Solar Electric Fence Charger features a 360-degree mounting ability so it’s easy to install. It’s also equipped with an automatic battery management and twofold energy options as well as a water proof case with sturdy handle and fitted with shield from lightning.

Gallagher is the trustworthy brand when it comes to solar and animal security solutions. The manufacturers were so sure about the S40 Solar Energizer’s durability, that they included a full 3 Year warranty.

The Gallagher Solar Fence Energizers are a great choice because they are portable durable with energy you can depend on.

  • Compact modular design 
  • Built-in lightning protection
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 360-degree mounting capability
  • Tough water resistant case
  • Can’t stop animals with thick hides

5. Zareba ESP10M-Z Solar Fence Charger

The Zareba ESP2M-Z solar low impedance electric fence charger is a remarkable example of engineering. It does a great job of securing your property from pests. It’s packed with amazing features that help to make your life easier.


Most importantly, it can charge a mile range of up to 2 miles of fence. In addition, it can also be used for various types of fence including poly wire, poly tape, steel and aluminium.

The Zareba solar electric fence charger is environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. It assists with livestock and pest control by means of solar energy. This makes it a great and suitable product for persons who can’t access to the main electric grid. But it could also reduce your power bill if you have one.

Because of its advanced technology components like its low impedance it’s perfect for locations where there are weed loads that may drain the battery. It has intuitive technology that makes it prevent shorts if the fence touches weeds.

It’s durable and has a construction that makes it resistant to damage making it withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

The Zareba solar electric fence charger is very easy to use and includes features for simple transportability. It comes with a 4-volt battery and is complete with an integrated handle and an “OK light” for you to monitor the working status of the charger.

It’s a magnificent product that promises to assist you with securing small animals. Great for the environment, energy-efficient, durable and cost-effective, it is absolutely worth a try.

  • Energizes up to 10 miles of electric fencing
  • Operates up to 2 weeks without sun
  • Built-in mounting bracket
  • Low impedance for less battery drain
  • Durable construction
  • Weather conditions can affect

6. Fi-Shock ESP2M-FS Solar Fence Charger

Fi-Shock is another trusted name that is recognizable for the perfect solar fence charger. Its solar panel has a compartmental design which works to prevent damage to the fencer. It has a ton of safety features including the ability to stop itself from shorting when touched by weeds.


The Fi-Shock 2-Mile Solar-Powered Electric Fence Charger works well in all types of environments. It offers low impedance to make sure the user has full power but also less drain on the battery.

If your goal is to secure small animals such as pets or chickens, then this fence charger is perfect for you. It does a great job of containing these animals to your property. This item has a mile range of 2 miles and also provides a 0.4-joule shock.

You can also depend on its versatility because it is compatible with fences such as steel, poly tape, poly wire and aluminum. So you would be able to mount them for many fence types.

In addition, you will be able to know if the working status of the charger because of its flashing “FENCE OK”. The four-volt battery is included and this fence charger comes with a one-year limited warranty, that covers damage due to lightning.

The Fi-Shock 2 Mile Solar Fence Controller, is great selection if you are planning to contain small pets and poultry and also prevent pest from entering your property in secluded places where there is little no access to electricity.

7. Gallagher S16 Solar Electric Fence Charger

The remarkable Gallagher S16 solar fence charger works without the sun for up to three weeks. The installation process is painless and fast because of its 360 -degree attachment for T-posts.

It features a completely adjustable face that is geared toward the sun, so it can capture enough sunlight for your needs.


It’s a highly durable model with water resistant exterior that can hold up in snow, wind, and rain, and features an extraordinary in-built protection from lightning. It has a spectacular range of a whopping 10 miles of fence with an amazing battery life of 3 weeks and a joule output of 0.12.

With its low impedance, it’s ideal for bigger kinds of animals with thick hides as well as medium or large animals that have a thinner hide. You will also appreciate how easily adjustable this charger is making positioning it stress-free.

It features a 360-degree mounting system that is ideal for T-mounts, so you get great flexibility for placing of the solar charger at any point of your property. Its durability doesn’t start and end with the weather; it is also sturdy enough to handle falls and harsh impacts that it will be subjected to on your property.

All in all, the Gallagher S16 is a high quality option that has a 10-mile range. You can use it for livestock and much larger animals that have thick hides. Because of its simple installation and use, along with its ability to work in any location including areas with lower light and scarce power, this fence charger is a purchase you won’t regret.

8. Patriot PS5 Solar Fence Charger

The Patriot PS5 Solar Fence Energizer 0.04 Joule has a distance range of 2 miles and a peak output energy of a sufficient 0.04 joules and a peak stored energy of up to 0.06 joules of internal rechargeable battery.


The 4 V efficiently charges 12 acres of area and has a 4-volt internal rechargeable battery that is great for preventing pests from coming into your property. The Patriot PS5 electric fence energizer is a solar model that is perfect for protecting your property from small annoying pests or making sure small animals are secured. It is definitely one of the popular lesser range solar fencers around.

The great thing about the Patriot PS5 is that it’s a low impedance fencer that is engineered to provide energy to the full 3 miles of fence despite a heavy load like grassy areas. This makes it perfect for the job it was intended, which is containing small animals.

It features a flashing red light that shows you in one glimpse that the charge is in operation and is connected to the fence. It’s easy to install without the need for underground cable or trenches. With 1 year warranty that includes lightning, you can rest assured that you have made a wise selection.

9. Silver Streak Solar Fence Charger

If you really want to protect your garden or farm from pests, while securing your pets and farm animals, then this is the perfect solar fencer for you.

It is capable of powering your fences using solar energy. Even though it maintains a potent charge, it’s also environment safe so it’s perfect for locations that don’t have an electric power supply.


It features 2 joules of charge and is most powerful in the sun. The 2 joules do a good job of controlling the security of the perimeter, covering a large area and powers a whopping 100 acres of fence. For an added benefit it is simple to install and use, requiring no specialized gear.

What makes the Silver Streak solar-powered fence charger stand out is that its battery is not placed inside the component. Instead, you can clip on and use any 12-volt battery, and have it working. It is conveniently compatible with deep cycle batteries with an indicator light that flashes so that you will be aware of its working status.

This fence charger is durable to last for a long time, but just in case you have any issues with the product, you have a 2-year warranty. This a great choice!

10. Dare Products DS Solar Fence Charger

The Dare Solar Energizer can power a 12-volt wet battery even while it delivers maximum charge to your fence. After you install the panel brackets and mount the panel, you're set to start powering the battery.


It has a convenient waterproof and weather-resistant cabinet, to protect against harsh weather conditions. The compartment is sturdily fabricated from a weather-proof, water-resistant material.

Its lid seals to prevent water from getting in, making it great for outdoor use and it’s wide for easy transport. In addition, the handle allows ease of installation when it comes to the solar-panel brackets.

It has a .07 electric fence output and it covers up to 3 acres of fence range. The 6 Volt battery is ideal for when the power source is unavailable and the battery self-contained. If your goal is to control cattle cows then this solar fencer is the way to go.

With its weather ready structure, built-in protection from lightning, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly solar unit, you can be sure that you have made a wise choice. It also includes a pre-installed battery with the package.

What Is A Solar Fence Charger And How Does It Work

To put it simply, a solar fence charger is one of the major elements needed to operate a solar-powered electric fence system. You will hear it being referred to as a solar fencer or solar energizer.

They are categorized according to their power output level. This charge is diffused through a sequence of electrical lines creating a grounded closed circuit.

In other words, the system is grounded and the wire and fencer loops to a full circuit so that touching the hot wire exposes someone to the maximum circuit voltage.

This set up allows current to flow along the un-insulated wires as long as the charger is operational. It is these live wires that electrify any person or animal that touches it.

The level of power running through the system dictates the amount of shock a person or animal receives, ranging from fatal electrocution to a small jolt.

In so doing, the fencer system acts as a restrictive barrier for people or animals who wish to cross the fence.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Fence Charger

Range Capacity 

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a solar electric fence charger is the range capacity, so that you can get one that matches the length of your fence. If you choose a charger that is lesser in range capacity than you need for your fence, then there will be performance problems as time goes by.

Every solar fence charger is engineered to charge fence lines to a predetermined length. The charger’s range capacity is based on the open-circuit current flowing through the device and the approximate electrical energy dips across the lines.

You need to check with the manufacturer so that you can find out the range capacity.

Type of Animal and Voltage

Another crucial thing you need to consider is the kind of animals that you want to secure or repel from your property. The power specifications vary based on the animal size you are looking at.

For example, larger animals like moose or cows may require approximately 4,000 volts minimum to produce a potent electrical jolt to make them stay within or away from the perimeter.

On the other hand, cattle and horses would need around 2,000 volts running through the fence line for an adequate jolt.


Electric fence chargers usually give information about the joules output. It’s a way to measure the energy level of the charge. A joule unit is commonly found by watts X seconds (W x S).

For fence energizers, a joule tells the potency of the electrical jolt that the person or animal in contact will have. When all is said and done, the shock potency and the resulting harm is based on the level of electricity deposited through the person or animal.

Because Watt = Current x Voltage, therefore the voltage determines the jolt they get, along with the current, and other factors. You would have probably guessed that the greater the joule output, the higher the electrical charge.

To protect or ward off bigger animals like predators, you will need a greater joule output so that it will generate a shock that will scare the animal away from the fence. Especially if the animal has a thick hide.

Fence Wire Use and Weed Conditions 

There are different current settings provided by the makers of solar fence chargers. One of them is an open circuit voltage, which is simply the amount of charge flowing through the fence when there is nothing touching it, including weed and grass or people and animals.

The solar fence charger you buy should be labelled with the level of shock, based on the animals you wish to contain or ward off. Even so, abundant weeds and bushes can reduce the power running through the poly tape, steel, poly wires, or rope fence line.

Because of this, you have to look for the charger voltage stipulated by the maker, under light, medium, or heavy weed environments. You must also consider the kind of wire that will be used for the fence and how this will affect the energy production. Steel tends to be the best conductor and always works best.

Different Types of Solar Fence Chargers 

Solar powered fence chargers can be categorized into three main categories.

· Firstly, we have the solid state fence charger that can distribute an average level amperage jolt in pulses/beats of standard intervals. Perfect if you want to contain animals with short hair and you have fewer problems with weeds and bushes.

· Secondly, there is the continuous output fence charger which offers continual voltage along the hot wires, which contrasts the pulse chargers. Obviously, this type would require more energy and pose a greater risk. Because of these factors they are for the most part scarce in the modern market.

· Lastly, we have the low impedance technology charger. This solar fence has a revolutionary type of engineering for impedance, which simply means that it is made to have effective resistance to opposing current in the charger. The result is that greater level of current can run through the wire lines. There for weeds and bushes have less effect on voltage levels.

Advantages of Using a Solar Fence Charger 

Solar powered fence chargers have many advantages including:

You can save money

If you live in remote locations where electrical power is not easily accessible, then you would need to cover the cost of a new electrical installation from the power company in your area. If you invest in solar technology, the power source would be the sun, saving you a lot of money that would be spent on wiring.


The cost of new installation and wiring work in not the only hurdle of living remotely. You also need to consider the terrain, and whether or not AC power cable would be able to safely get to your location in the first place.

The installation would need to be safe and approved to prevent fires and explosions and take into account all the wildlife or forest. But with solar energy, the power comes straight to your location, providing you with life altering amenities and technological luxuries.


It’s a great feeling when you don’t have to rely on the utility company to complete vital work or even save your life. Electric power companies frequently have power- outages, blackouts and even short-circuits, which can be a major inconvenience to you and your plans.

This would mean that the fence charger would have no electricity, and your animals could escape or pests and intruders could enter your premises. If you have solar powered electric fences, you will eliminate this hassle. Solar powered electric fence chargers have a less chance of damage caused by lightning strikes because most of them have built-in lightning diverters.


Solar powered ‘anything’ is known to be more environmentally friendly. This is probably why more and more people are going in this direction.

Disadvantages of Using a Solar Fence Charger 

Reliance on Sun

Because solar fence chargers depend entirely on the sun for power, you will have a problem on gloomy days and especially in the winter. It’s important to select solar fence chargers that can store the energy collected and maintain output for long periods.

Expensive Upfront Cost

The primary start-up cost of installing a solar fence charger is a bit steep for most. Of course this would eventually pay for itself because you will not be paying a monthly fee for the power grid energy to use your fence, but initially it may break the bank.

If you have electrical knowledge then this works out well for you because you can do the installation yourself, saving a lot of money.

Weather Dependent

For people who live in areas where there are low light and harsh weather conditions, solar power may be less beneficial to you. For some people, the use of an electric solar fencer would be out of the question during some seasons.

How to Install and Safely Operate a Solar Electric Fence Charger 

It’s important to understand that, electric fence chargers are engineered to produce voltage shocks or harm on contact. Hence, it’s very important to know how to carefully and effectively install and use an electric fencer through a series of steps.

Step 1 – This is very important! Ensure that the charger is turned off before you install it on a post. This is because the battery within the charger will most likely have some charge. If the charger is on when you connect it to the hot and ground terminals, you could suffer electric shock. If you are installing a powerful charger, this could be very dangerous.

Step 2 – When you have made sure to properly follow the package guidelines and installed the charger, you need to allow it to collect sunlight for a specified amount of time. The instructions on the package will direct you but it should be around 3-4 days of direct sunlight so the solar panels could recharge the battery.

Step 3 – You need to perform the necessary tests to make sure that powered electric fence charger is working, after you put it on. On most chargers there will be an indicator light so that you will know if the fencer is operational.

· The first test you should run is on the meter. You need to ensure that it is working.

· Secondly, test the batter to see the status of its charge, so you will get some idea of the stored power and maximum capacity.

· Lastly, test the voltage output of the fence in a usual setting. The meter shows the open-circuit value of the charged fence.

Pay special attention to the grounding system so that you fence will keep working.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, the best solar fence charger, is the Parmak DF-SP-LI Solar Pak. It’s low impedance which means that it has an effective resistance to alternating current and features a special built-in performance meter, so you can be updated on exactly how it’s doing.

Made of durable materials, it is also, perfect for any outdoor use. This is definitely the choice to make if you want a fence charger that can protect your livestock and would last a long time.

Because it operates great in secluded places where you need to contain animals and also keep pests away, you can benefit from its max power, low impedance and powerful 25-mile range. It is no surprise that this is our top pick because this charger basically has everything you would need.

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