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2014 CES: World Premiere for Sunpartner Technologies

In a World Premiere, January 6-10, Sunpartner Technologies is introducing its solar smartphone. The device is the result of its partnerships with 3M to produce the first transparent solar charger using Wysips® Crystal technologies and 3M Optically Clear Adhesives. And with Oledcomm, for the first Wysips® Connect solar smartphone, LiFi compatible and energy self-sufficient.

At 3M, discover the first transparent solar charger made from Wysips® Crystal technologies and 3M Optically Clear Adhesives
This breakthrough innovation will be revolutionary for users, allowing them to recharge their mobile phones and tablets without using a charger device plugged into the grid.

At Oledcomm, discover the first mobile device equipped with Wysips® Connect. Using light, this smartphone can receive and transmit data (music, video, photos, etc.) while at the same time recharging its own battery.

At the 2014 CES, Sunpartner Technologies has reinforced its development:
– by demonstrating the industrial feasibility
of its solutions in the key global markets of consumer mobile electronics.
– by confirming the signing of licenses in 2014 and new partnerships with leaders in their sectors.

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