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Sunpartner Technologies Obtains a US Patent for Wysips® Crystal

Sunpartner Technologies was granted a patent by the US Patent Office for its Wysips® Crystal technology. The patent, referenced US 8,632,201 B2 by the US patent office, covers a display device integrating photovoltaic cells in an arrangement that optimizes both the luminosity and transparence of the display, and its conversion capability of ambiant light into electrical power. Wysips® Crystal, the patented technology, includes an optical layer capable of redirecting the light towards solar cells, while minimizing any interference with a displayed image. Such displays can be used in a variety of electronic devices, most importantly portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets, electronic shelf labels, and many more.


Given the wide range of potential applications of its technologies, Sunpartner Technologies favors a licensing business model, ranging from demonstrating the technology in selected devices, to signing exploitation licences with industry leaders in a variety of sectors.
The newly issued US patent enhances the patent portfolio of Sunpartner Technologies, which in a matter of 3 years grew to 42 patented inventions. In sync with the targeted markets and the potential of the technology, most inventions are patented internationally and more issued patents are expected in the US, Europe, China, and elsewhere.

Technology licenses have already been signed with leaders in the field of advertising billboards and aircraft windows. Further business discussions are ongoing with regional and world leaders, in particular in the mobile electronics industry.

For Bernard Nonnenmacher, head of Global Inventions® which assists Sunpartner Technologies in matters of intellectual property, the issuance of this US patent is one more indication, consistent with several others, of the ability of Sunpartner Technologies’ teams to innovate in order to make the use of solar energy more pervasive and useful in our environment.

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