A radical shift in powering cars and other forms of transport


“Our Wysips® components, including a photovoltaic fiber that we are developing, may soon be used in touchscreens, dashboards, windows, upholstery, textiles etc.”
Francis Robcis, Communication Sales & Marketing VP
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With Wysips® technologies, the Sunpartner Group is supporting new car functions from windows to the car body, dashboard and seat upholstery…

It is also boosting the electronic intelligence of all types of vehicles: cars, buses, tramway, metro or train cars, boats, airplanes, etc.
Our teams are now working to meet the challenges of decentralizing the energy function, securing applications and making added functions energy self-sufficient by incorporating electricity generated from light sources into the production processes of manufacturers and OEMs.

  1. Advantages of a vehicle equipped with Wysips®
  2. Energy autonomyDrawing on solar or artificial light sources, Wysips® technologies are a major trump card in the quest for electric vehicle energy self-sufficiency, offering extended battery life and multiple functions.
  3. Smart & interactiveDecentralizing the energy function through Wysips® ensures vehicle efficiency and safety by limiting the wiring and multiplexing reprogramming required to add new functions.
  4. Light and ergonomicOur technologies not only have no effect on surface and product design, but they actually encourage the creativity of industrial designers by freeing them from constraints such as electronic connections.
    They also significantly reduce the weight of electric vehicle batteries.
  5. CleanBy equipping electric cars and traditional forms of transport, our technologies help reduce transport industry CO2 emissions.

Wysips Crystal® & Wysips Cameleon® technologies

All our Wysips® components use an optical effect to make photovoltaic cells invisible and operate by harvesting sunlight or artificial light.
We have developed various properties to be imbedded during the manufacturing of car bodies and equipment into screens (Wysips Crystal®), windows (Wysips Glass®), certain materials (Wysips Cameleon®) and soon textiles.
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Developments under way

The partnerships we have developed in other industries are helping us advance towards solutions for the automotive and transport markets. Wysips Glass® is already in operation on 400 mm x 400 mm windows and we aim to overcome any size limitations by 2014.
To achieve dedicated innovative solutions, Sunpartner Group proposes R&D partnerships with industry manufacturers and suppliers.

Une révolution énergétique !
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