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Aircraft windows designed by Vision Systems generate their own photovoltaic energy to operate shading systems—a world first thanks to Wysips® Glass technology by Sunpartner.

The total length of wiring in an airplane is several hundred kilometers long and keeps getting longer, which means increasing cost and complexity. Wysips® Glass revolutionizes this system, using technology invented by Sunpartner that transforms any window into an energy-generating solar panel.

Convinced of the benefits, Vision Systems Group has signed a partnership with Sunpartner to integrate Wysips® Glass into the solar protection of aircraft windows. This innovation will eliminate the need for cables connecting these systems to the aircraft’s batteries. The first prototype is expected in the second half of 2013.

Independent Connection
This partnership opens up a tremendous range of possibilities for applications: equipped with Wysips® Glass, smart windows of the future will enable users to power electronic systems and passengers’ devices independently of the aircraft’s electrical system.

« Wysips® Glass will enable us to develop an integrated solar protection solution, completely independent of the aircraft’s circuitry,” said Carl Putman, CEO of Vision Systems. “Eventually, this technology will also provide local power for passengers’ smartphones and tablets. »

Smart Transportation
In fact, Wysips® Glass is the technology of the future for all types of transportation—which have an ever-larger number of features available, increasing the need for electricity. Reducing wiring on the one hand, and powering itself through a source of renewable energy on the other, open up extremely promising avenues for manufacturers and suppliers.

“Wysips® Glass offers a wireless and autonomous energy solution that reduces the equipment’s cost, weight, and carbon footprint!” says Ludovic Deblois, CEO of Sunpartner. “By enabling all these new features to be energy autonomous, Sunpartner creates markets for new glass applications both in transport and construction. »

This partnership with Vision Systems reaffirms Sunpartner’s strategic choices both in terms of R&D and in engineering and business development.

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