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The World Economic Forum Rewards Sunpartner Technologies 12/09/2013


The World Economic Forum has just selected Sunpartner Technologies as one of its thirty-six Technology Pioneers for 2014, at its "Summer Davos" meeting in Dalian (China). Sunpartner thus joins the ranks of previous winners such as Google, Twitter, and Recyclebank.
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Sunpartner Technologies—Nobel Clean Tech Award 31/01/2013


We are the first French company, and only the second in the world, to have received this distinction. Sunpartner Technologies was rewarded for our mission, using innovation to drive a more sustainable economy, and in particular, our Wysips® technology, which transforms any surface into a solar panel that generates its own electricity.

Sunpartner Technologies Winner of Ernst & Young Enterprise of the Future 2012 24/10/2012


Honoring “a young, high-potential enterprise that has proven itself and is likely to be entrepreneurial leader of tomorrow,” Ernst & Young ‘s Entrepreneur of the Future Award was given to Sunpartner Technologies in 2012.



“We founded Sunpartner Group to give the very best chance of success to a breakthrough technology with infinite applications. Innovation is the company’s core business, made possible by our impressive skills and expertise in optics, electronics and photovoltaics. We are targeting the global presence of the Wysips® brand, first through the mobile telephone sector, which continues to expand in most regions of the world.”
Ludovic Deblois - CEO Sunpartner Technologies


Rising to the Challenge of Responsible Energy and Growth

Renewable micro-energy is a major solution for meeting the dual challenges of energy transition and responsible economic growth. The key issue is how to use renewable energy sources, such as sunlight, to provide independent, reliable, and decentralized access to electricity.

Founded with this conviction, Sunpartner Technologies is taking part in the rapid growth of new smart surfaces with our innovative photovoltaic solutions. For our clients, these solutions provide strategic value, enabling them to differentiate themselves in global markets such as mobile devices, transportation, building, signage, street furniture and advertising.

In the five years since Sunpartner Technologies was created, we have invented and brought to maturity a revolutionary technology: WYSIPS® (What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface), which enables any kind of surface to harness the power of light and generate its own electricity. Three different applied technologies have resulted: for screens (Wysips® Crystal), windows (Wysips® Glass), and opaque surfaces (Wysips® Cameleon).

At the same time, our R&D team works on distributed energy solar plants, tailored to the specific needs of both energy companies and manufacturing clients.

With the signing of new research partnerships, the building of our first production line of Wysips® Crystal components, and our first licensing agreements signed with world leaders in telecommunications, signage, and aeronautic equipment—2013 has been a year of major milestones for Sunpartner Technologies.

This latest level of growth has been recognized both by our financial investors, who have affirmed their confidence in our business model, and by a prestigious award: the Nobel Sustainability Supported Clean Tech Company of 2013.

A revolution is underway and Sunpartner Technologies is taking part. By constantly innovating and working together with our partners and clients, we help them meet the considerable dual challenges of responsible energy and growth.

Ludovic Deblois – CEO of Sunpartner Technologies

Intelligence and Expertise

Our international growth is based on innovation. We listen to our partners’ and customers’ needs, we analyze those needs, think outside the box to find optimal solutions, and then implement those solutions through all phases of the process from R&D to operations.

Our growth strategy is built on:

  • A powerful intellectual property policy
  • An experienced management team
  • A multidisciplinary technical team (specialists in electronics, photovoltaic solar, thermal solar, materials engineering, and industrial processes)
  • Pilot production lines
  • A business model based on technology transfer and licensing
  • Strong international presence and partnerships with global industry leaders

Une révolution énergétique !
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