Creative Talent and Shared Values

“We founded Sunpartner Group to give the very best chance of success to a breakthrough technology with infinite applications. Innovation is the company’s core business, made possible by our impressive skills and expertise in optics, electronics and photovoltaics. We are targeting the global presence of the Wysips® brand, first through the mobile telephone sector, which continues to expand in most regions of the world.”
Ludovic Deblois - CEO Sunpartner Technologies

At Sunpartner Technologies, our business culture is based on the vision of a global ecosystem with fewer carbon emissions and more fairness, and on the belief that all the people we work with are valued, equal partners—whether within the company or among our stakeholders.
These shared values have enabled us to attract and retain engineers, managers and employees with outstanding skills and solid experience in our technologies and their global markets, and in their respective fields: research and innovation, marketing, sales, and finance.If you share these values and would like to join our team, please send us an email with your CV : Myriam ROMAN – RH

Management Team

Ludovic Deblois co-founded Sunpartner Technologies with Joël Gilbert. An engineer by training (degree from UTC), he has always been passionate about using technological innovations to serve the needs of human beings and the environment. Previously, he worked on industrial solutions in the automobile industry, and then was head of international development for innovative telecommunication solutions in oceanographic observation and protection of maritime resources (at CLS, a subsidiary of the French Space Agency).
Carole FAYN
Carole Fayn is in charge of Sunpartner Technologies’ financial strategy, thanks to her wealth of experience, in particular at Ernst & Young, the Société Marseillaise de Crédit and International Technic Marine.
Chief Science Officer
Joël Gilbert co-founded Sunpartner Technologies with Ludovic Deblois. A physicist by training and an engineer (Universités Paris VI and Paris XIII), he is in charge of the company’s patent strategy. Innovation in optics and solar energy is his specialty as well as his passion.
Jean-Luc LEDYS
Jean-Luc Ledys brings to Sunpartner Technologies his 35 years of experience in operations management, organizing R&D, and international business development in ITC (Information and telecommunications). An engineer in materials physics (INSA Rennes), he has worked for Matra, Daimler Benz, and Gemplus, and was VP of Soitec and Managing Director of Picogiga.
IP Strategy and Licensing
Bernard Nonnenmacher inspires Sunpartner Technologies’ Patents and Licensing strategy through his consulting firm specializing in Industrial Property, Global Inventions. This engineer in micro-electronics has many fields of expertise (a DEA degree in photonics from Supélec, a bachelor’s degree in law from CEIPI, an MBA from Stanford); he formerly worked for IBM and the Gemplus-Gemalto group (VP of Industrial Property and Licensing).
VP Asia
Robert Monteillier develops Sunpartner Technologies’ Asian partnerships as an expert in international business development and marketing, in particular in China. The majority of his career he worked for Schneider Electric, and in his last years there worked as the head of marketing at BU Buildings. He has a degree from the Ecole Nationale des Mines in Saint-Étienne and from the IAE in Grenoble.
VP Strategy and Marketing
Philippe Monteillier brings to Sunpartner Technologies his considerable experience in marketing and general management from his work at Saint-Gobain and with the Gemplus-Gemalto group (in particular as Managing Deputy Director of the SCS Competitively cluster). He also ran his own consulting company. He obtained his engineering degree from ENSAM.
Thierry GODARD
VP Sales, USA and East Asia
Thierry Godard is responsible for Sunpartner Technologies’ development in North America and the Far East. Before joining us, he served as head of marketing and business development at Tyco Electronics/M/A-COM, Stepmind SA, and Asahi Kasei Microdevices Europe-AKM, and co-founded consulting firms. Thierry is a specialist in microelectronics and holds degrees in Strategic Management from Boston University and ESSEC.
Grégory WINTER
VP Sales, Europe
Grégory Winter is responsible for driving Sunpartner Technologies’ growth in Europe. He has over twenty years of experience in high-tech industries, working for multinational corporations such as Toshiba and LSI Logic, as well as in innovative startups and mid-size companies (DiBcom, Parrot). He holds dual degrees in Microelectronics Engineering (ESIEE) and Technology and Innovation Management (EM Lyon).

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