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wysips_smartPower Personalized, Smart Energy Management

Wysips® combines smart energy management and smart use, thanks to Wysips® Smartpower, the app that optimizes battery life depending on the user’s profile.
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4 Mature Technologies

Sunpartner Group is revolutionizing our daily life with Wysips®—What You See Is Photovoltaic Surface—transforming any surface into a solar panel that can generate its own energy from natural or artificial light.

Our four Wysips® technologies are based on assembling a thin, photovoltaic surface with a network of micro-lenses that makes the cells invisible to the naked eye. These photovoltaic cells activate from the moment they are exposed to light, whether natural or artificial, and charge the battery or power the equipment they are connected to.

  1. 4 Advantages of Wysips®
  2. Easy-to-IntegrateOur flexible and ultrathin component (as little as 0.1 mm) fits into all surfaces, transparent or opaque, without changing their original aesthetics.
  3. PowerfulUp to 5 milliWatt-peak/cm², soon to be doubled thanks to second-generation PV materials.
  4. TransparentWith up to 90% transparency, it can be integrated into the most demanding screens.
  5. LiFiWysips® Crystal-Connect enables screens to generate their own power while transmitting data at the same time by LiFi (Light Fidelity).

Wysips® Crystal

Mobile, Energy-Saving Screens
Designed to function in all kinds of devices, Wysips® Crystal works with all screen technologies: MEMMS, bi-stable, LCD, OLED, optical screen, etc. Integrated during the manufacturing process, under or on top of the touchscreen, it connects to an electronic chip that converts and manages the photovoltaic electricity. Ultra-thin and transparent, Wysips® Crystal entirely preserves visual quality and functionality—even increasing the viewing angle for certain screens.

LiFi Connected Screens
Wysips® Crystal’s version Wysips® Connect transforms any screen into a solar panel that can generate its own electricity AND send/receive data through light (LiFi-Light Fidelity technology). The solar cells act as light receptors. Wysips® Connect transforms that light into electricity AND decodes it, enabling it to transmit signals and information.

Main Markets: Screens and mobile devices, Transportation, Construction

Wysips® Glass

Windows Full of Energy
Integrated into the glazing, Wysips® Glass enables the window to produce enough energy to power the latest window features, such as electronic dimming. The window also generates enough energy to power other electrical devices nearby. It powerful output varies depending on the degree of transparency desired, from 50-90%.
Main Markets: Transportation, Construction, Solar Greenhouses

Wysips® Cameleon

Smart Display
Wysips® Cameleon can be integrated into the structure or the surface of opaque and static material. Wysips® Cameleon can also change the surface’s appearance by adding colors, logos, or messages. It can electrically power the mechanical system, lighting, or any other feature that consumes a lot of energy. Ranging up to 20 m² (215 sq. ft) in size, Wysips® Cameleon works with structures of all shapes and sizes.
Main Markets: Displays and Signage, Buildings, Transportation

Wysips® Graphics

Better Connected Devices
Wysips® Graphics, derived from our Cameleon component, works with connected devices and their accessories by integrating invisibly into their original design and providing them with an additional, free, and inexhaustible power source. The design-neutral PV component marries with all types of textures and adapts to all non-glass, opaque surfaces, no matter how small: phone casings, tablet and e-reader covers, watch dials, watchbands, eyeglass frames, and that’s just the beginning! Thanks to Wysips® Graphics, devices can produce their own energy from natural or artificial light and use it to recharge the battery, power sensors, guarantee emergency operation, and even receive audio and video data via LiFi, thanks to its compatibility with Wysips® Connect.
Main markets : Smart covers, watches.


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