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Our NET Engineering:

We specialise in:
• Development of new technologies
such as nano-technology
• Co-development of micro-power
management solutions
• Optical design and simulations
• Integrating our PV solutions
into your devices
• Commercialisation
• Dimensioning and storage

Patent Portfolio: Our Expansion Strategy


“We take an aggresive industrial property strategy targeting countries that are our major markets. We offer our solutions through operating licences in order to disseminate our technologies as extensively as possible.”
Bernard Nonnenmacher, IP & Licensing
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Innovation Driving Competitiveness

Sunpartner Technologies invents energy solutions that are optimally tailored to the specific strategies of our partners and clients.

Our engineers design and develop the technologies in close collaboration with our clients, giving you a competitive edge. We come to meet you at your premises across the globe and invite you to our design labs, in order to define together the best responses to your needs.

Our shared goals: innovative solutions and applications that generate value and revenue, that are ecologically responsible and sustainable, and that enable our clients to differentiate themselves in the market.

From Development to Production

We invent, patent, and develop new energy technologies that result from our highly specialised expertise in photovoltaics and in optics. We make sure that our components work with all kinds of photovoltaic cells. Not being dependent on a single PV technology guarantees that our solutions will withstand the test of time.

Scalable to the needs of our partners and clients, Sunpartner Technologies offers:
> To conduct a demonstration on a pilot site.
> A joint development agreement with a working prototype as the end product.
> A licensing contract for manufacturing the solutions resulting from our technologies.
> Complete technology transfer, including: manufacturing license, support and training, defining the equipment needed, guidance on the manufacturing process, and complete on-site customer support once production has begun.

Une révolution énergétique !
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