Solar panels that can blend into the landscape or generate ad revenue

Sunpartner solutions enable you to enhance your plant by camouflaging solar panels or by transforming them into advertising space.

Thanks to Wysips Cameleon®, Sunpartner Group brings added value to photovoltaic panels by enabling them to be camouflaged or used as billboards for advertising images or corporate messages.
Our patented technology modifies the color and appearance of the module in a unique and powerful way, while maintaining its energy yield. These new photovoltaic panels can be given a wide range of colors, so that your solar power plant blends into the landscape.
Wysips Cameleon® also enables panels to be transformed into marketing space, featuring logos, corporate messages, or advertisements. By incorporating this technology, solar panel manufacturers can provide added value to their customers, enabling them to generate additional revenue.
Panels equipped with Wysips Cameleon® can be retrofitted into existing solar plants as well as installed in new projects.

  1. Advantages of Wysips Cameleon® solar panels
  2. CompetitiveAdvertising revenues increase the return on investment from the sale of electricity. Solar farm operators can therefore maximize their investments in industrial areas or on roads where advertising is allowed.
  3. AestheticBy making the PV panels the same color as the rooftops, the ground, or the surrounding landscape, solar plants can blend into the landscape. They preserve the aesthetics and quality of the environment and can therefore become a decisive advantage in certain cases where power plant construction encounters resistance from local authorities.

Wysips Cameleon® technology

Wysips Cameleon® technology is integrated during the manufacturing of the photovoltaic panel, when specific colors or images are applied to the material.
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Projects under way

Sunpartner Group works on the basis of licensing partnerships with solar panel manufacturers. Our unique, patented technology offers them a considerable advantage in an extremely competitive market.
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