Energy efficiency for networks, remote sites & manufacturers
The ideal zones for installing our MCPV-Axiosun® solution

The western part of North America, the western part of South America, Spain, countries bordering the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and Australia.


“We provide solutions based on groundbreaking innovation—that’s the key to helping open up new business opportunities for our clients. Innovation serving performance is our strategic approach; that is what sets us apart and what guides our product development.”
Philippe Monteillier, VP Energies & Industry.
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> Concentrates the sun’s rays by a factor
of 20
> 19% yield
> Power ranging from a few kilowatts to several megawatts
> A solution optimized for mass power production and in remote sites

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> Concentrates the sun’s rays by a factor
of 20
> A 75% rate of sunlight conversion
> Combined Power-Heat (hot water) cogeneration
> A solution optimized for power production
in remote sites and customized for industry or manufacturing

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With the brand Axiosun®, Sunpartner Group offers innovative energy production systems for companies focused on the excellent opportunities of sun-rich zones.

Our scalable solutions are assembled on-site and are tailored to our customers’ needs: whether for electric power production or combined heat and power cogeneration, for a smart network, or for power supply to remote or poorly connected sites.

We also work closely with businesses designing systems specifically tailored to their needs, such as the solar-powered greenhouses we are developing for a client.

Our expertise in innovation enables us to design creative, competitive solutions for new markets. In the area of concentrated solar power, Sunpartner Group has developed medium-concentration photovoltaic (MCPV) solutions and has patented technology on high-concentration systems such as HCPV and solar towers.

Developed in partnership with the most prestigious research laboratories and tested with our partners on pilot installations, our Axiosun® medium-concentration technologies meet the twin challenges of durability and high output all for a cost ten times less than a standard solar panel production unit.

  1. Advantages of Axiosun® solutions
  2. CompetitiveFewer raw materials, increased production and performance, on-site assembly, and dedicated technology are just a few of the benefits of our client-specific approach to innovation.
  3. ScalableNot only our solutions are adapted to your needs – power production for an intelligent network, electric power production alone or combined heat and power cogeneration at an remote site, or hybrid production for specific industrial purposes – our technology transfer contracts also mean that you benefit from future developments in our research.
  4. SustainableFrom an economic standpoint, our solutions are geared toward fostering local development and widespread energy availability through local plant assembly and the creation of micro-plants near the end-users. In terms of lifecycle and carbon emissions, our solutions use fewer raw materials (15 times less monocrystalline silicon than a standard panel) and their components – modules and structures – are recyclable.

Axiosun® technology

Axiosun® medium-concentration technology uses proven components and production methods that guarantee robust construction. Our innovation consists in optimizing the performance of those components, such as cells, modules, and trackers.
Another major advantage of our approach is our ability to offer groundbreaking solutions tailored to the specific needs of both energy companies and manufacturing clients.
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Projects under way

AX203pv: the Axiosun® MCPV solar power plant for sunny zones
Developed in 2009, a 3kW version now powers the water treatment plant in Saint-Cannat, in southern France. Two 10kW versions have also been built in Cadarache, France in partnership with the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and in Marrakech, Morocco in partnership with Veolia-Dalkia, Schneider Electric, Sogreah and Eco-Energetic. Other plants are currently under construction in North Africa.

AX203hybrid: the cogeneration heat and power plant
One version of this design is being developed in partnership with INRA (French National Institute of Agronomical Research) to create a dedicated photovoltaic greenhouse.

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