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Wysips® Crystal/Connect & Wysips® Glass: the Pilot Production Line

Opened in August 2013, the pilot production line for our Wysips® Crystal/Connect and Wysips® Glass components supports our R & D for future projects and validates the industrial feasibility of our technology for products under development. The three main advantages:

> State of the Art Production Facility

Our production line uses the latest equipment in the semiconductor and display industry. It is located in a 500 m2 clean room leased from a leading global electronics company (STMicroelectronics). This facility and its machines enable us to produce components in optimal, real-world conditions, in a secure location that also meets our high standards of environmental responsibility (waste recycling).

> Small Series Capability

From transforming PV material to manufacturing optical films, the line provides small series of components in order to serve our partners’ needs. For example, at this facility we made the Wysips® Glass components for the Energia window for our partner Vision Systems, unveiled at NBAA (October 2013), and the Wysips® Crystal/Connect components for solar smartphones that will be showcased at the MWC in Barcelona (February 2014).

> An Asset for Our Partners

Our pilot line is one of the key aspects of our business strategy based on technology transfer. We invite our future partners and customers to the facility so they can get a hands-on, detailed demonstration of our technology. This facility also enables us to work in real-world conditions with our partners, who are leading international companies in markets that benefit from our Wysips® technologies.