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Névo and Sunpartner Technologies announce a strategic partnership to create névo solar, the world’s first solar powered analog smartwatch

10 billion


That is the size in US dollars of the global market in smart watches, according to the Gartner Institute. Today, this remains a niche market and we are only at the beginning of an exponential boom. The research firm Canalys estimates that the number of smart watches sold will grow by 900% from 500,000 to 5 million in 2014. The biggest companies in electronics and the internet have unveiled their products and more than 30 prototypes are now under development. In this technological and marketing race to market, battery life (which is a mere 24 hours today!), dependability of the connection to services (to the telephone, computer, tablet, etc.) and design aesthetics will make all the difference in the fierce competition for consumers.

LiFi Smart Watch


With Wysips® Connect, watches can also receive audio and video data via LiFi (Light Fidelity) wireless communication technology.

White paper of Wysips® Connect, the first solution for the indoor/outdoor VLC lighting saturation problematics

A short look at Wysips® Connect performances for video streaming vs. classical photodetector

wysips_smartPower Personalized Smart Energy

Wysips® now combines smart energy management and use with Wysips® Smartpower, an app that optimizes battery life depending on the user’s profile.
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Wysips® Crystal offers mobile telephone and tablet makers several competitive marketing advantages. With this technology, our clients can convince their consumers with unique selling points about security and reliability.

Use Less Electricity The battery recharges with solar power, greatly reducing electricity bills
Autonomy For devices that use little energy, the solar cells completely recharge the battery, enabling total energy independence and guaranteeing use even when far from the grid. For smartphones and devices that need a lot of energy, the solar cells guarantee enough power to use certain features (emergency calls, listening to music, etc)
Reliability The device constantly recharges: never run out of battery again
Security Guaranteed power for emergency calls 24/7 Data transfer, for example for remote payment, will never be interrupted again because of a dead battery, thanks to constant recharging
New Features Data transmitted by light waves (LiFi)

Wysips® is the indispensible partner for solar smart watches, both digital and analog. Seamlessly integrated into any kind of design, our technology increases energy performance and the number of possible features.

In an exponentially growing and highly competitive market, energy reliability is a key challenge for watch manufacturers—even more so for smart watches because they consume a lot of energy. Models that offer long-lasting and reliable power, with an attractive design, will stand out from the crowd.

Wysips® Crystal, built into the dial or display, enables watches to generate the energy needed to power alerts and wearable health-tech sensors. Even better: its Wysips® Connect version is LiFi compatible, meaning the watch can receive data over the same light waves that recharge the battery.

Power can also be generated and the battery recharged by integrating Wysips® Graphics into the watch face or the band.

  1. Advantages of Wysips® Watches
  2. EconomicalWatches are more energy self-sufficient which results in lower overall battery costs, whether the batteries are regular, rechargeable, or high-capacity.
  3. SmartThe electricity generated as well as its LiFi compatibility means manufacturers can increase the number of watch applications and functions without affecting aesthetics.
  4. SustainableSmaller battery size, as well as lower cost for energy storage, reduces the watches’ environmental footprint.

Wysips® Crystal technology

Wysips® Crystal technology is incorporated during manufacturing, either beneath or on top of the crystal. The transparent component is connected to an electronic chip that converts and manages the power produced. The photovoltaic component continually recharges the battery totally eliminating the need to ever change the watch battery again.

LiFi compatible thanks to Wysips® Connect, our technology enables smart watches to send/receive data transmitted over light waves (VLC-Visible Light Communication).

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Wysips® Graphics Technology

Wysips® Graphics is the smart energy partner for connected devices and accessories. Combining an optical process, graphics imaging, and PV technology, it enables opaque surfaces to produce energy from the moment they are exposed to natural or artificial light. Invisibly integrated into the object’s surface texture, Wysips® Graphics works with all design styles. It is also LiFi compatible.

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