The Cameleon Revolution in Outdoor Advertising
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Discover the marketing advantages of Wysips® Cameleon for the display and signage markets.
Tailor-Made Integration

Our technology can be tailored to your needs, specifications, and goals:
> Levels of sunlight
> Capacity for generating electricity
> Degree of autonomy
> Functioning of electrical components
> Storage solutions

Solar Panels: Camouflaged or Communicating Wysips® Cameleon brings added value to traditional photovoltaic panels by enabling them to be camouflaged, or alternatively, used for images and advertising. Our technology can modify the panel’s decoration (colour, designs, logos, messages, etc.) depending on the effect desired. This technology offers both an aesthetic solution and a source of advertising revenue, and can be retrofitted to existing panels as well as new ones.


Wysips® Cameleon offers display and sign makers key marketing advantages. Our invisible solar technology means that smart signs can use new energy-demanding features, be placed anywhere, and cost less to run.

Complete Energy Independence The sign generates enough energy to > display static images
> scroll or refresh images
> play videos
> power lighting systems
Easy Installation Freed from the power grid, a Wysips® Cameleon sign means > installation in the best possible site, even off the grid
> zero cost of digging trenches
> an installed and working sign in only 2 hours
> the marketing message is immediately visible and remains visible in case of power cuts
Seamless Integration Our invisible solar cells > adapt to all sign designs
> work in all areas: urban, suburban, rural
> eliminate the repair hassles involved with damage to exterior panels
Competitive Cost The cost of using Wysips® Cameleon is only 10% of the average cost of digging one trench (in Europe).

Sunpartner Technologies makes advertising more profitable and energy-independent.

Our Wysips® Cameleon component enables all kinds of display systems to produce the electricity they need, so they can function independently: for generating and scrolling images, lighting, or any other feature that needs energy.

Thanks to Wysips® Cameleon, advertising no longer needs to be plugged into the traditional grid—opening up a new range of possibilities for installation and operation, especially for temporary event campaigns.

What’s more, our invisible PV component cannot be stolen or damaged because it is transparent and integrated into the display system.
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  1. Advantages of Wysips® Cameleon Displays
  2. ProfitableOur technology cuts the costs—in both time and money—involved with the traditional energy grid (connection and energy consumption).
  3. Independent and SecureThanks to our transparent and integrated component, the sign can be put in remote locations, previously inaccessible for the traditional power grid, and with no risk of theft.
  4. SustainableThe system is powered by solar energy, one of the most sustainable and green sources of energy.



Wysips® Cameleon Technology

Wysips Cameleon® combines photovoltaics and optics technology to make PV cells invisible. The component adapts to the surface or into the structure of any kind of material: metal, wood, plastic, and composites. It enables the display to generate its own electricity, so it can power its own mechanical system, lighting, or any other feature that consumes a lot of energy.
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Projects Under Way

The first energy self-sufficient scrolling billboard has been developed in partnership with Prismaflex, one of the leading global billboard manufacturers. Production of the billboards is slated to begin in 2013, in sizes ranging from 2 m² to 20 m².

Une révolution énergétique !
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