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Discover the marketing advantages of Wysips® Crystal for the mobile phone and tablet markets.
Twice as Smart with Wysips®

With Wysips®, smartphones and e-readers can now recharge their batteries from light both through their smart covers (with Wysips® Graphics) and their screens (with Wysips® Crystal).

10 min. sun exposure...

> 10 min. listening to music
> 100 min. in standby mode
> 2 min. talking on the phone

LiFi Connected Displays


With Wysips® Connect, smartphones and tablets can receive audio and video data over light waves, thanks to wireless LiFi (Light Fidelity) communication technology.

White paper of Wysips® Connect, the first solution for the indoor/outdoor VLC lighting saturation problematics

A short look at Wysips® Connect performances for video streaming vs. classical photodetector

wysips_smartPower Personalized Smart Energy

Wysips® now combines smart energy management and use with Wysips® Smartpower, an app that optimizes battery life depending on the user’s profile.
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Wysips® Crystal offers mobile telephone and tablet makers several competitive marketing advantages. With this technology, our clients can convince their consumers with unique selling points about security and reliability.

Use Less Electricity The battery recharges with solar power, greatly reducing electricity bills
Autonomy For devices that use little energy, the solar cells completely recharge the battery, enabling total energy independence and guaranteeing use even when far from the grid. For smartphones and devices that need a lot of energy, the solar cells guarantee enough power to use certain features (emergency calls, listening to music, etc)
Reliability The device constantly recharges: never run out of battery again
Security Guaranteed power for emergency calls 24/7 Data transfer, for example for remote payment, will never be interrupted again because of a dead battery, thanks to constant recharging
New Features Data transmitted by light waves (LiFi)

With Wysips® Crystal, Sunpartner Technologies makes mobile devices more efficient and easier to use.

Combining optical and photovoltaic technologies, this revolutionary component produces electricity from a natural or artificial light source. It is ultrathin and transparent, so it can easily be incorporated into screens.

Wysips® Crystal optimizes any kind of mobile device, from standard mobile phones and smartphones to tablets and e-readers. It works with all kinds of screen technology, including MEMMS, bistable, LCD, OLED, and optical screens.

Our Wysips® Crystal innovation was awarded CTIA’s prestigious E-Tech Award in 2011. Since then, we have increased yield, flexibility, thinness, and transparency. Wysips® Crystal is also LiFi compatible.

  1. Advantages of a Wysips Crystal® Mobile Phone
  2. Self-SufficientIf the battery is dead, the user can simply hold the screen up to a light source to recharge the phone. Full self-sufficiency is possible for less energy-consuming models such as e-readers and low cost mobile phones, making chargers a thing of the past.
  3. ReliableThe energy needed for the network search function on smartphones is continually recharged. By maintaining a permanent battery reserve, Wysips® Crystal guarantees the reliable use of the phone for remote payment and emergency calls.
  4. Design NeutralThe Wysips® Crystal component is invisible and therefore totally adaptable to the design of the device. Thanks to its outstanding transparency of up to 90%, the viewing angle of the screen is entirely preserved.
  5. SustainableBy 2030, energy consumption of mobile devices will account for 10% of global electricity needs, according to the IEA (International Energy Agency). With its combined optical and photovoltaic technologies, Wysips Crystal® generates renewable electricity from both solar and artificial lighting. The batteries in mobile devices can be smaller, helping reduce the industry’s environmental impact.

Wysips® Crystal Technology

Wysips® Crystal technology is integrated during the manufacturing process, either beneath or on top of the touchscreen. The transparent photovoltaic component is connected to an electronic chip that converts and manages the energy produced. This energy is then used to recharge the batteries of the mobile device. The Wysips® Connect version is LiFi compatible, enabling screens and mobile devices to receive and transmit data over light waves (VLC-Visible Light Communication).
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Integrating Wysips® into a Smartphone

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