LiFi (Light-Fidelity) is a revolutionary communication technology
that transmits data over visible light waves

How Does it Work?

Li-Fi uses common household LED light bulbs to enable data transfer. When an electrical current is applied to a LED light bulb a stream of light is emitted from the bulb. LED bulbs are semiconductor devices, which means that the brightness of the light flowing through them can be changed at extremely high speeds. This allows to send a signal by modulating the light at different rates. The signal can then be received by a detector which interprets the changes in light intensity (the signal) as data. The intensity modulation cannot be seen by the human eye, and thus communication is just as seamless as other radio systems, allowing the users to be connected where there is LiFi enabled light. Using this technique, data can be transmitted from a LED light bulb at high speeds.

LiFi’s Many Advantages

> Secure data transmission
> No radio spectrum congestion and no license needed: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands are often congested in public places, whereas LiFi uses bandwidths that are freely available
> Ecological and Economical: LiFi can work over the existing lighting network
> Astonishing speed of data transmission, similar to fiber optic cables
> Health: LiFi does not use electromagnetic waves


> Location Based Services (LBS): LiFi guides and informs you in parking lots, shopping centers, museums, airports, train stations, cities, and more.
> Electromagnetic sensitive places: LiFi provides safe internet connection in hospitals, schools, factories, and in aircraft.
> Shopping 2.0: in addition to i-beacon and WiFi, LiFi updates you on the latest sales and gives you information on the product in front of you.
> SmartCities: through the public lighting system, city governments can interact directly with inhabitants and provide them with relevant information, right where they need it.

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Advantages of Wysips® LiFi

Our Wysips® technology is a photovoltaic material so it acts as a photo detector and LiFi receiver.

Using a Wysips® component as LiFi receiver rather than a photodiode has many advantages:

> Wysips® is thin and transparent, so it’s easily integrated into any product.
> Wysips® easily catches the light; it does not have to be placed directly under the light source to receive data.
> Wysips® receives data even in strong sunlight.
> Wysips® LiFi basically powers itself—it both charges the device and receives data using visible light waves.

Our tests show that our Wysips® component can now receive data at a rate of several Mbit/s—meaning videos can be transmitted over light waves!

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