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Wysips® Glass Serving Agriculture

Putting solar energy to work for farmers, so they can grow greenhouse crops that are more profitable, more ecological, and more reliable at all latitudes: this is the goal of Sunpartner Technologies’ R&D, in partnership with the French National Institute For Agricultural Research (INRA). With the continuous expansion of acreage cultivated under glasshouses throughout the world (+10% per year, according to the International Society for Horticultural Science), environmentally responsible greenhouses are a crucial factor in energy transition, nutrition and sustainable development for farmers, for land planners, and for all people.
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Our R&D provides practical solutions for the business and energy concerns of our clients. Our process advances either by technology breakthroughs: since they outperform existing technologies, our solutions place our clients light years ahead of their competitors; or by disruptive innovation: by completely redefining the rules of the game in a new way from existing technology, our solutions create the strategic markets of tomorrow.

Sunpartner Technologies is involved in two revolutionary R & D projects: smart textiles and solar greenhouses.

Photovoltaic Textiles: Fabrics of the Future

> Objective
Make a textile fiber enabling us to integrate electricity into fabrics without having to plug into the traditional grid or connect to a battery. The product will be able to power new fabric features, as well as nearby devices.
> Applications, Markets
Heated seats, awnings, covers, agricultural textiles, protective clothing, sport equipment, fashion, etc.
Transportation, construction, agriculture, signage, public works projects.
> Technology
Wysips® Textile seeks to integrate PV cells into the structure of the fiber. We are working on the energy output, adapting to different kinds of textiles (woven, non-woven, knitted), preserving the aesthetics and the feel of the end product, and reducing the cost of the technology.
> When
The final product is expected in 2017.
> Who
Sunpartner Technologies is developing Wysips® Textile with a consortium that includes leading and innovative partners, research laboratories, and textile manufacturers in the target markets.

Solar Greenhouses – Purple Sun: The Future of the Microalgae Industry

> Objective
Accelerate the development and performance of the microalgae industry with a solar greenhouse solution that optimizes both the production of algal biomass and photovoltaic energy.
> Applications, Markets
Microalgae is used for animal feed, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals and is a key factor in the development of green chemistry (fertilizers, bioplastics) and bioenergy.
> Technology
Purple Sun is a revolutionary concept for positive energy microalgae culture. The project segments the solar spectrum to promote both biomass photosynthesis and the generation of photovoltaic electricity. In doing so, Purple Sun is also creating the next generation of PV greenhouse components.
> When
Purple Sun has been awarded the French Research Ministry’s ANR research grant, in Bio-Materials and Energy 2013-2016.
> Who
The Purple Sun consortium is made up of six partners:
ARMINES PERSEE (Mines Paris Tech),
lNRA Sophia-Antipolis (team TEAPA),
INRIA Sophia Antipolis-Méditerranée (team Biocore), project leader,
LOV (Laboratoire d’Océanographie de Villefranche, CNRS),
Sunpartner Technologies.

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PV Concentration Systems, Decentralized Simple and Co-Generation Plants

> Objective
Promote access to distributed, renewable energy by providing operators, developers, and users with tailor-made, micro-production solutions. These solutions need to be robust and scalable, locally manufactured, low-cost, and high-yield.
> Applications, Markets
Distributed energy plants producing electricity alone or electricity and heat (co-generation) for companies and public agencies, such as in energy production, solar cooling systems, agribusiness, desalinization.
> Technology
We are currently developing two medium-concentration PV plants: the AX203pv, focused on producing electricity, concentrates light rays by a factor of 15 to 20; and the AX203 hybrid co-generates electricity and heat by converting over 75% of the sunlight.
> When
For two years, our pilot sites in France and Morocco have enabled us to constantly improve our technologies, materials (reducing monocrystalline silicon quantities), yields, production costs, and various dedicated solutions. The final products are expected to be on the market in 2016.
> Who
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Véolia, Dalkia, Schneider Electric, and Artemia are our partners for the French and Moroccan pilot plants.

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