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2014 CES

Wysips® Connect, a Sunpartner Technologies innovation, will be unveiled at the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV (United States), January 7-10, 2014

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Las Vegas, January 7, 2014.

Sunpartner Technologies, the French company that invented the transparent photovoltaic component Wysips® that transforms any surface into a solar panel that can produce its own electricity, is widening the field of its applications. After Wysips® Crystal for screen applications and mobile products soon to be on the market, Wysips® Glass for smart windows, Wysips® Cameleon for the opaque surfaces of urban furniture, Sunpartner Technologies is introducing Wysips® Connect.
Compatible with the LiFi (Light Fidelity) protocol, Wysips® Connect technology not only enables screens and mobile products to produce energy but also to receive and emit data transmitted by light waves (VLC-Visible Light Communication) without electric power from the device battery.

With global revenue estimated to reach 6 billion dollars* in 2018 (an 82%* increase over 2013), LiFi is revolutionizing data access and transmission via the Internet. The technology guarantees fast, secure transmission beyond the reach of other wireless systems such as WiFi, Bluetooth or WiMax.

With Wysips® Connect, Sunpartner Technologies is positioned as a key player in this mutation. Its technology opens the way to new applications for connected devices (such as mobile phones, e-readers, electronic sensors, and electronic shelf labels).

Sunpartner Technologies unveils the world’s first solar LiFi smartphone

At the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, Sunpartner Technologies will introduce, along with its partner Oledcomm, a pioneer in the LiFi market, the first mobile device equipped with Wysips® Connect: this smartphone can receive and transmit data by light (music, video, photos, etc.) while generating its own electricity.

Wysips® Connect is an ultra-thin, transparent photovoltaic component inserted between the screen and tactile base of the phone. The photovoltaic cell acts as a light receiver. Wysips® Connect transforms light into electricity AND decodes it to transmit the signal and the information it contains without using the device’s battery. In this sense, the solution is energy self-sufficient.

Compatible with any type of electronic device equipped with a screen up to 13.3’’, Wysips® Connect can produce between 2.5 mW/cm2 and 5 mW/cm2 in sunlight (under 1 SUN), depending on the type of device and the required rate of transparency.

New services on the horizon

Thanks to LiFi communication standards, LED lighting can provide visible light as well as transmit data, thereby creating new innovative and targeted services. Lighting systems can now become actual wireless communication networks, enabling a tablet or a smartphone to have access to geopositioning information services, geomarketing or navigation tools inside buildings (such as train stations and airports, hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers, and museums).

The stakes and opportunities for the consumer electronics market are enormous. With this technology, the 14 billion light bulbs in the world can become antennas to meet the growing demand for objects and devices featuring mobile connectivity. There is no danger of exposing users to electromagnetic waves because the technology uses the light spectrum.

Wysips® Connect: examples of applications

Artificial light allows users of devices equipped with Wysips® Connect to:
• find their way in department stores or shopping centers with a map displayed on their smartphones
• consult product information and find out about ongoing sales with information displayed on their shopping cart screens
• take advantage of interactive guides in museums and galleries and information about works of art displayed on their smartphones or on tablets provided to visitors.

The advantages of Wysips® Connect
> Independent: a solution that produces its own energy using visible light.
> Practical: compatible with all types of screens (up to 13.3 ‘’), available immediately for optimal operation both outdoors and indoors.
> Sustainable and energy efficient (LED).
> Secure data transmission.

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