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Smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks: we live in a world dominated by smart mobile devices. While the world may be a better connected place, users are united by a common gripe: battery life, or rather the lack of it. Could solar power be the answer? One French company, Sunpartner Technologies, have developed solar technology – which they call 'What you see is photovoltaic surface' or Wysips. According to the company, Wysips is "based on assembling a thin, photovoltaic surface with...

Engineers feel light-fidelity (Li-Fi) technology offers promising new possibilities in the way to charge devices. Li-Fi connections essentially power themselves—charging batteries and receiving data using visible light waves, or visible light communication (VLC). To further research into these developments, Sunpartner Technologies is joining forces with Alcatel OneTouch for a development program surrounding Sunpartner’s Wysips Connect photovoltaic Li-Fi receiver. Wysips Connect enables screens...

FRANCE 2 / JOURNAL DE 20H00 / LAURENT DELAHOUSSE Laurent Delahousse présente les dernières innovations à retenir du Mobile World Congress 2015 de Barcelone. Link : France 2

At Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona this week, Kyocera is showing a prototype that turns one of the modern smartphone's biggest battery life liabilities into an asset – a smartphone that incorporates solar power technology into the touchscreen. According to a Smithsonian Magazine report, Kyocera developed the technology in partnership with SunPartner Technologies and installed it on its Torque smartphone prototype, which was designed for rugged outdoor use. At less than 0.5 millimeters...

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