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04/23/2014Soltex: A Smart Solar Textile that Can Go Anywhere
It looks like any other fabric, except that it generates energy! A photovoltaic thread that is both discreet and powerful—that is the goal of the R&D project launched in February by Sunpartner Technologies and six partners. Code Name: Soltex. Invisibility has been the holy grail of PV technologies ever since we decided to use solar technologies to meet the needs of all these energy-consuming devices, both mobile and stationary, that make up our daily lives. This is the goal of Sunpartner Technologies’...
04/14/2014Sunpartner Technologies Raises € 6.7 M ($ 9.3 M) in Capital and Successfully Completes the Investment Campaign begun in 2013
Download the press release Aix-en-Provence, April 14, 2014. Sunpartner Technologies, an engineering firm specialized in Solar New Energy Technologies (NETs), has just reached a new key stage in its development. Advised by LEONARDO & CO and PME Capital Conseil, the company has just closed its investment campaign that began in 2013. Sunpartner Technologies has just raised € 6.7 M ($ 9.3 M), bringing the total capital investment to € 9.8 M. This amount far surpasses the initial target of € 8 M, further...
04/12/2014Intenciti: Meeting the Challenge of Urban Transformation
When French companies take up the challenge of creating the sustainable city of the future, the result is Intenciti. Created in late 2013, the Economic Interest Group (EIG) has recently moved from a period of reflection into action. We talked with its president, Thierry Bodiot (Lucibel), and two of its members, Alain Bretagnolle (A.S. Architecture-Studio) and Philippe Monteillier (Sunpartner Technologies). More than half of the world's population now lives in cities; two-thirds will do so by 2050....
04/11/2014Investing Partners Endorse Sunpartner Technologies
with Capital Increase
Thanks to the confidence of its partners and investors, on April 11, 2014 Sunpartner Technologies successfully completed a € 9.8 M ($ 13.6 M) round of capital fundraising begun in mid-2013. This success is recognition of the company’s technological breakthroughs and its growth strategy. Four months after the end of the first investment round of € 3.1 million ($ 4.3 M), the Sunpartner Technologies’ investment partners have continued to demonstrate their confidence in the company. In fact,...
03/31/2014Sunpartner Technologies Obtains a US Patent for Wysips® Crystal
Sunpartner Technologies was granted a patent by the US Patent Office for its Wysips® Crystal technology. The patent, referenced US 8,632,201 B2 by the US patent office, covers a display device integrating photovoltaic cells in an arrangement that optimizes both the luminosity and transparence of the display, and its conversion capability of ambiant light into electrical power. Wysips® Crystal, the patented technology, includes an optical layer capable of redirecting the light towards solar cells,...


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