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Investing Partners Endorse Sunpartner Technologies
with Capital Increase

Thanks to the confidence of its partners and investors, on April 11, 2014 Sunpartner Technologies successfully completed a € 9.8 M ($ 13.6 M) round of capital fundraising begun in mid-2013. This success is recognition of the company’s technological breakthroughs and its growth strategy.

Four months after the end of the first investment round of € 3.1 million ($ 4.3 M), the Sunpartner Technologies’ investment partners have continued to demonstrate their confidence in the company. In fact, the amount of capital investment raised in this second round exceeded initial expectations, reaching € 6.7 million ($ 9.3 M). During this latest round, a new company, Sigma Gestion (ACG Group), joined Davanière Capital, Eurowatt Partenaire, Crédit Agricole, and Gravitation, who had invested during the first round alongside Starquest Capital. At the end of this operation(1) and the preceding rounds, the founding managers maintain control of 70% of the company.

Business Model

These successful capital investments prove the strength of Sunpartner’s business model. Our transparent Wysips® photovoltaic technologies have led to R&D partnerships and licenses with and for leading global companies. These partnerships cover fast-growing markets in smart devices and energy autonomy, for products such as mobile screens (including smartphones), connected objects, windows, billboards and advertising, transportation, and sensors.

This capital increase confirms Sunpartner’s choice of development strategy. « With the confidence that our investment partners have demonstrated, the company will increase investment in four key directions, » said Ludovic Deblois, CEO and cofounder of the company.

Growth Strategy

Sunpartner Technologies will pursue its development in four key areas:
• Optimize R&D to present a range of mature technologies, bring new technologies to maturity, and launch new programs.
• Strengthen our intellectual property strategy.
• Develop new commercial and partnership projects, as always in global markets.
• Increase the core strength of the company, our team, by expanding our staff.

As Wysips® solutions begin to reach markets worldwide, Sunpartner Technologies is on target to surpass its goal of € 100 million ($137 million) in combined turnover by late 2016-early 2017.

* Advising Sunpartner Technologies: PME Capital Conseil, Leonardo Midcap, and SCP Chriqui Mercey Associés.

April 11, 2014

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