The necessary energy mutation in the construction industry

Through Wysips® technology, Sunpartner Group is helping to make the necessary transition to buildings that are less energy consuming and more sustainable.

Building accounts for 43% of total energy consumption in France and 25% of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. It is one of the industries most concerned by the transition to renewable energy and the increasingly strict standards, certificates and regulations in force in France and in the world (HQE, LEED, BREEHAM, etc.).
Sunpartner Group is positioning Wysips® technologies as trump cards for users, contracting authorities, promoters, architects and building and civil engineering works in their efforts to win this industrial and societal wager.
Our major innovation – the capability to transform any medium into a surface that produces energy from a solar or artificial light source – will allow us to help reduce the main energy-consuming items: heating, lighting, hot water and the electricity consumption of equipment.
Wysips® applications impact them directly by being incorporated in the materials (glass, textiles, et.) and systems, or indirectly by entering into the composition of home automation equipment, particularly sensors.

  1. The advantages of construction equipped with Wysips®
  2. Economical & self-sufficient
    DFeaturing high energy efficiency and drawing mainly on sunlight as well as artificial light if necessary, our components considerably reduce the use of electrical equipment and the traditional grid, and in some cases make it possible to dispense with them entirely.
  3. Smart & connectedOur various components can be incorporated in all strategic building areas. Operating in sensors, they ensure the reliability of the whole chain of home automation. They also add new functions to materials and devices.

Wysips Crystal® & Wysips Cameleon® technologies

We have developed various properties to be embedded during the production process into screens (Wysips Crystal®), windows (Wysips Glass®), certain materials (Wysips Cameleon®) and soon textiles.
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Developments under way

The partnerships we have forged in other industries are helping us advance towards new solutions for intelligent buildings. Wysips Glass® is already in operation on 400 mm x 400 mm windows and we aim to overcome any size limitations by 2014. In the field of sensors, a prototype developed with a global leader in the industry will be introduced by the end of 2013.
To achieve dedicated innovative solutions, Sunpartner Group proposes R&D partnerships with industry manufacturers and suppliers.

Une révolution énergétique !
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