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Barthold Veenendaal joins Sunpartner Technologies as Executive Vice President

His mission is to manage growth, along with President Ludovic Deblois, as the company takes the next step with production of its first Wysips® photovoltaic products. This highly innovative tech transforms any kind of surface into a solar panel. Veenendaal, formerly Senior Vice-President of Energy Storage at Schnieder Electric, is excited about his new role.

Considerable Experience to Guide Sunpartner Technologies’ Growth
Barthold Veenendaal holds a Master’s in Law (specializing in European business and fiscal law) and a post-graduate degree from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in political science, economics, and international cooperation. Over his career, he has worked in strategic positions in some of the world’s largest companies.

After an internship at the European Commission in 1982, he worked with the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) and co-authored a review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. In 1985, he was hired at Philips International as their Junior Director of Legal Affairs in the Netherlands, where he successfully headed several negotiations for the EC’s Eureka project. Then, from 1986 to 1989, he worked as Director of Legal Affairs at the Compagnie Francaise Philips, where he was in charge of fiscal optimization and creating the trade department for Africa and Eastern Europe.

As a person who loves challenges, he then joined Unichips Food Group for 10 years, where, as a member of the board, he guided the Italian food company’s transformation into a large European Group.

In July 2000, he left to work with Schneider Electric, a global leader in the energy sector, where he remained for 16 years. Thanks to his great adaptability and career development opportunities offered by the company, he successfully filled several roles: Head of restructuring commercial and industrial activities in the Czech Republic; President of the Netherlands’ Schneider Electric subsidiary; Senior Vice President of IT Transformation and Business Processes; Senior Vice President in charge of creating an independent sensor business unit; Senior Vice President of Devices and Controls ; and until recently, Senior Vice President of Energy Storage.

He is fluent in five languages (Dutch, German, Italian, English and French) and is passionate about art and culture as well as the environment, science and technology. Today, Veenendaal starts a new chapter on November 2 as Executive Vice President of Sunpartner Technologies.

Barthold Veenendaal said, « Our society needs more energy but also needs to reduce its carbon footprint. With its renewable energy technology, Sunpartner Technologies offers intelligent and effective solutions to these problems. I am thrilled to join this creative and innovative team and to contribute the experience I’ve gained in large multinational companies. To be able to work with Sunpartner Technologies as it grows into a main actor in smart energy surfaces is an exciting challenge for me. »

Ludovic Deblois, President of Sunpartner Technologies, said « From the beginning, Sunpartner Technologies has been built on the expertise of our people. After several years of research, we are now crossing a major milestone as we start our own production. Barthold Veenendaal is passionate about innovation and has, throughout his career, risen to meet major challenges for large businesses. His experience from a varied and international career, together with the experience of our teams, will make our vision of smart and connected surfaces everywhere a reality. I am convinced that his sharp mind, as well as his approach combining marketing, business and finance, are very positive points for our company’s growth.”

Sunpartner Technologies at a Turning Point
After several years of research and in partnership with leading companies, today Sunpartner Technologies begins a new chapter in its history as the first products incorporating its technology Wysips® arrive on the market.

Building Integrated Photovoltaics is a market set to grow significantly in coming years. Sunpartner is now expanding its range of solutions by manufacturing its own products for the construction industry. To do so, the company has taken over part of the buildings and a number of former employees of Nexcis, an EDF subsidiary. Sunpartner will also take advantage of Nexcis’ spacious buildings to house a production line. This line will produce 30,000 m2 of transparent photovoltaic components, which can be duplicated. The first hundred square meters of pre-series will be available by the end of 2016 and full production will begin in second quarter 2017.

In addition, since April 2016 Sunpartner Technologies and Vinci Construction have been developing disruptive solutions to speed up the energy revolution of the building sector and contribute to the growth of sustainable cities.

Moreover, Booken, the French leader in e-readers, has just launched the first solar cover using Sunpartner’s Wysips® Graphics in their e-reader Cybook Ocean. It can now be recharged by simply exposing it to light, without the hassle of backup batteries, cables or plugs.

Finally, in February 2016, Sunpartner Technologies started a research program with London-based Vector Watch to increase the battery life of its smart watches (currently 30 days). By integrating the transparent solar Wysips® Reflect directly into the screen, these smartwatches will soon reach unprecedented levels of battery life while remaining design neutral.

About Sunpartner Technologies
Sunpartner Technologies is a French company founded in 2008 that develops innovative embedded solar solutions for consumer electronics (such as wearables, mobile phones, and IoT) and the construction (SmartCities) and transport industries (automobile, aviation, and boating). The company now has 65 employees, more than 130 patents, and has raised €45 million since its inception.

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